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New study! Renewable Diesel & Sustainable Aviation Fuels 2030, Vol 2.(314 pages, July 2021). This summer, Emerging Markets Online is releasing an update on our 2018 Renewable Diesel 2030 study.  This update focuses more on low-carbon feedstock availability, technology pathways for low carbon renewable diesel and sustainable aviation production.

Renewable Diesel & SAF 2030 provides detailed case studies and analysis of the key producers and developers participating in the development of more than 29 renewable diesel projects in North America, 5 in Canada, 18 in Europe, 11 in Asia, and 2 in South America.

The study also focuses on Sustainable Aviation Fuels in detail, providing case studies of producers and the low-carbon feedstocks, technology pathways, partnerships, investors, and off-takers. 

The Renewable Diesel  & SAF 2030 study provides detailed case studies of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) producers, and provides a forward looking set of forecasts for markets, feedstocks, technologies for the deployment of renewable diesel & SAF from the year 2019 to 2030. 



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