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 3. Table Of  Figures – Renewable Diesel 2030 Study


Renewable Diesel 2030 is designed to help financiers, producers, developers, distributors, consultants and analysts with a fact-filled market guide detailing medium and long-term trends and developments in the renewable diesel sector.


Roadmap: Renewable Diesel and Biojet Demand Projections 2015-2055 in MT (IEA Tech Roadmap)

Map of Global Renewable Diesel Production By Producer, Region, Location and Capacity 2019

Chart: Global Renewable Diesel Producer Comparison by Production Volumes Top 10 Producers 2019

Table: Current Global Renewable Diesel Producer by Capacity, MT, Gallons, and Location, 2019

Table: Planned Global Renewable Diesel Expansion by Capacity, MT, Gallons, and Location, 2019

Table: New Renewable Diesel Plants Under Construction by Capacity, MT, Gallons, Location, 2019


EU Renewable Energy (RED2) Directives and Targets 2020 to 2030, by Country

EU Renewable Diesel Production Volumes Based on COP21 Targets for GHG Emission Savings to 2030

Pie Chart: Europe Renewable Diesel Production by Project, Million Liters Per Year Capacity

Time Series Chart: Europe Renewable Diesel (HVO) Production and Production Capacity 2011-2018

Chart: Europe Renewable Diesel Production By Country 2009-2018, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, France

Chart: Worldwide Renewable Diesel (HVO) Production Capacity and Biodiesel Market Share 2007-2025

Producer Case Study: Neste, Finland, Renewable Diesel Plant in Porvoo, Feedstocks, Technology, Capacity, Co Products, Startup, Expansion

Producer Case Study: Neste, Porvoo Refinery Technology Overview of Hydrogen Production Plant and
Hydrocracker Units at Porvoo, Including Technology Types, Suppliers, Partners, CAPEX and Capacity

Producer Case Study: UPM, Finland, Lappeenranta Refinery, Feedstocks from Tall Oil and Wood Residues,
Hydrotreating and Distillation Technology for Tall Oil, Capacity, Start Up Date, Offtake

Producer Case Study: ENi, Italy, Renewable Diesel Plant in Venice, Feedstock Use in MT, UOP/ENI Technology, Capacity, Co Products (Green Diesel, Naptha, LPT, Jet Fuel), Startup, Expansion Plans

Producer Case Study: ENi, Italy, Renewable Diesel Plant in Gela, Feedstock Use in MT, UOP/Eni Technology, Capacity, Co Products (Green Diesel, Naptha, LPT, Jet Fuel), Startup, Expansion Plans

Producer Case Study: Total, France, Renewable Diesel Plant in La Mede, Feedstock Use by Type in MT,
Technology Partners, Capacity and Expansion, Co Products, Startup Date, Expansion Plans

Table: EU RED2 & CORSIA Analysis of Renewable Diesel Technologies by Type, Feedstocks Used, GHG Emissions Score/Rating % for Each Technology and Feedstock (FT, HVO, HEFA, SIP, ATJ)

EU Forecast 2021-2030: RED2 Targets for Renewable Diesel & Aviation Fuel Production in MT by Maximum Shares from 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, and Advanced Fuels/Feedstocks (Annexes IX Part A & B)



USA Biomass-Based Biodiesel Targets, EPA Final Renewable Fuel Volume Requirements for 2018-2020 in
Billion Gallons, by Year, for Biomass Based Diesel, Advanced Biofuels, and Renewable Fuel

Table: USA 2015-2018 Biomass Based Diesel Growth Over Time, Million Gallons/Yr, Final Volume Standards

Chart: US Renewable Diesel Production Volumes in Million Gallons Per Year 2010-2018

Table: Current U.S. Renewable Diesel Producers by Capacity, MT, Gallons, and Location, 2019

Producer Case Study: Diamond Green Diesel, Renewable Diesel Plant in Louisiana, Feedstocks, Technology, Capacity, Co Products, Startup, Expansion Plans, Offtake Partners

Producer Case Study: REG, Renewable Diesel Plant in Louisiana, Feedstocks, Technology, Capacity, Co Products, Startup, Expansion Plans, Offtake Partners

Producer Case Study: World Energy (AltAir), Biojet & Renewable Diesel Plant in California,, Feedstocks,
Technology Partners, Production Capacity, Co Products, Startup, Expansion Plans, Offtake Partners


Chart: California LCFS Renewable Diesel Growth Acceleration from 2012-2018, in Million Gallons

Chart: California LCFS Renewable Diesel Supply from 2012-2018, in Million Gallons

Chart: California LCFS Renewable Diesel & Biodiesel Production Volumes 2011-2017, Million Gallons

Chart: California LCFS Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Production 2011-2017 by Crops and Residues
Used w Credits (in Million MT) for Soy, Canola, Fish Oil, Distillers Corn Oil, Tallow, Used Cooking Oil

Chart: California Annual Diesel Demand Forecast: 2018-2030 by Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Petroleum Diesel, in Millions of Gallons, Based on Governor Newsom’s New 2019 Targets


Canada’s Renewable Diesel Mandates by Target Volumes and GHG Reduction in Carbon Intensity

Canada’s Renewable Diesel Mandates, By Province, British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, by Target Volumes and GHG Reduction in Carbon Intensity

Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard, Current Timeline of Regulatory Plans from 2018-2023 by Liquid Fuel Stream, Solid and Gaseus Fuel Stream Requirements, LCA Model, and Carbon Intensity Values

Chart: Canada’s Renewable Diesel & Biodiesel Consumption 2011-2016, in Million Metric Tons Year

Chart: Consumption of Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel in Canada By Feedstock, 2010-2016, in Million Liters and GHG % Avoided in Mt CO2ee by: Canola, Soy, Tallow, Yellow Grease, Palm, Rapeseed


Table: What’s Next in Renewable Diesel and Jet Fuel Blending? HEFA & FT Process Technologies For Sustainable Feedstocks by Pathway, Process, Producers, Date of Approval by Tech, and Blending Limit

Graph: Global Feedstocks for Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Jet Fuel Co-Processing, including Residues, Waste, Energy Crops, MSW, Forest Residues, Agricultural Residues, Organic Waste Streams

Table: Examples of Co Processing of Syncrude/Green Crude by Company, Location, Feedstock, Conversion Pathway by HEFA & Fischer Tropsch and Annual Capacity by Producer in Million Gal/Yr

Graph: Example of Refinery Co-Processing Crude Oil and Renewable Green Crude Oil into Renewable Diesel and Gasoline, Leveraging Existing Refinery Infrastructure for CAPEX, OPEX Advantages

Graph: Example of Production of Green/Syncrude for Co-Processing, by Feedstock Pre-Treatment, Fischer-Tropch Gasification of Sustainable Feedstocks to Syncrude, and Co-Processing Syncrude via Hydtrotreating and Hydro-Cracking into Renewable Diesel, sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Co-products

Graphs: Examples of Co-Processing Green/Syncrude by Velosys, Ensyn, ARA Chevron Lummus Global


Chart: Commercial Flights Operated on Sustainable Aviation Fuel 2008-2018, in Hundred Thousands

Map: Regular Commercial Sustainable Aviation Fuel Flights Taking Off From 5 Airports in 2019

Table: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Offtake Agreements by Producer, Partner, Airline, Agreement, Volumes

Table: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Agreements by Producer, Purchaser, Offtake Production per Year, Date

Graph: Early Stage Biojet Partnership Initiatives by Stakeholder Group, Projects Producers, Airlines

Biojet Case Study: World Energy/Alt-Air and United Airlines Commercial Partnership by Date, Million Gallons, Blend Ratio, CO2 Reduction, Thousands of Flights, Job Creation

Biojet Case Study: Neste-Lufthansa Commercial Partnership by Date, Million Gallons, Blend Ratio,
CO2 Reduction, Thousands of Flights

Biojet Case Study: Neste Air Cooperation With Leading Aviation Brands 2011-2018, including Lufthansa,
Boeing, KLM, SAS, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, UPS, DFW & SFO Airports, Air BP

Biojet Case Study: Gevo Commercial Partnerships by Date, Million Gallons, Production Facilities for IsoButanol and ATJ, and Jet Fuel Production Partnerships for Alaska Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines

Biojet Case Study: Fulcrum Commercial Partnerships With United Airlines and BP Air by Date, Feedstock
Supply Chain, Biocrude Production, Co-Processing, and Offtake Agreement with BP Air

Biojet Case Study: Red Rock Biofuels Supply Chain Partnerships With TSS, Flour, PPE, Wood Group, Velocys, Haldor Topsoe, TCG, and Ten Year Offtake Agreements with Southwest Airways and FedEx

Biojet Case Study: Licella Biojet Production Partnerships and Offtake for Quantas and Virgin Australia

Table: Sustainable Aviation Goals and Targets by Country, Organization, Target (Percentage), Timeline

Table: Biojet Process Technologies & Pathways, Feedstocks, Producers, Approval Date, Blend Limit

Table: Technology and Fuel Readiness Levels for Six Production Pathways from 1-9 by TRL and FRL for

Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) Fuel Technology – Process and Refining Diagram by Dehydration, Oligomerization, Distillation, Catalytic Reforming, Hydrogenation, and Production of Biojet Kerosene, Renewable Diesel

Graph: Alcohol-To-Jet (ATJ) Players, Projects, Technologies Overview

ATJ Biojet Case Study: Byogy’s Four Step Process, Ethanol Dehydration, Oligomerization, Distillation, Hydrogenation and Production of Bio-Jet Fuel, Renewable Diesel and Gasoline

ATJ Biojet Case Study: Vertimass’ Process, Ethanol processing via Heat Exchanger, Catalyst, Distillation and Fractionation into Biojet Fuel, JP-8, Renewable Diesel and Gasoline, Renewable Chemicals (BTEX)

ATJ Biojet Case Study: Lanzatech’s Gasification of Industrial Waste Gases and Biomass via Gas Fermentation into Alcohols and Process via Dehydration, Chemical Synthesis, Hydrogenation into Biojet

ATJ Biojet Case Study: Lanzatech’s Commercial Scale Facilities Planned in China, Belgium, South Africa, India, California

Chart: Projected Global Production Capacity Build Out to 2030 by Technology Type, including FT-GTL, Fast Pyrolysis Upgrading, Hydrothermal Liquefaction Upgrading, Catalytic Conversion of 2G Alcohols

Table: Estimated EU Bio-Based Aviation Fuel Production Capacity in Million Tons/Yr from 2017-2025 in Two Scenarios: Max Scenario Based on HVO Plants, Moderate Scenario Based on 15% Blend Rates

Chart: Illustrated Investment Risk Outlook & Volume of Sustainable Aviation Fuels 2015 to 2030 to 2050

Chart: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Demand Forecast From 2015 to 2055 based on IEA, ICAO Calculations

Chart: Creative Pricing and Value Structures for Sustainable Aviation Fuels by De-Risking Start Up CAPEX Costs and De-Risking OPEX Costs With Low Cost Feedstocks and Long-Term Partnerships


Table: Marine Biofuel Market Drivers: Emission Regulations (Sox, Nox, CO2), Local Incentives (Ports, Governments), Market Incentives (Public Tenders, Global Brands, Cargo Owners)

Table: Comparison of Fuel Consumption Volumes in The Maritime and Aviation Sectors With Current and Potential Biofuel Production Volumes Based on Feedstocks and Crops from Agriculture and Forestry

Chart: IMO Agreement to Reduce Atmospheric Pollution From Ships Based on Sulphur Content of Fuel Permitted Inside and Outside of Emission Control Areas 2005-2025, by Sulfur Percentage and Content

Table: IMO Analysis of Renewable Diesel vs Petroleum Diesel for Sulphur Content in mg/kg

Chart: IMO Analysis of Nitrogen (Nox) Emission Limits in NoX Emission Control Areas, Tiers 1-III

Chart: IMO Targets Requiring Shipping to Cut GHG CO2 Emissions 50% by 2050 in Tons, 2008 & 2050

Chart: IMO Fuels Measured by Type of Fuel (Diesel, Gas Oil, Light Fuel Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquified Natural Gas, Methanol and Ethanol), and Carbon Content (t-Co2/t-Fuel)

Table: Benefits of Drop In Renewable Diesel Fuels Supplies vs LNG Supplies and Scrubbers to Meet IMO
Shipping Regulations for Sox, Nox, and CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Chart: Market Projections for Marine Fuels Volumes Comparing Biofuels to LNG by MT/yr, 2020-2030


Table: OPEX / Production Costs of Biojet Fuels by Technology (HEFA, FT, ATJ) and Feedstock (Used Cooking Oil, Yellow Grease, Tallow, Soy Oil, Palm Oil, Camelina Oil, Corn Stover, Switch Grass, Wood, Sugarcane, Lignocellulose) Cost of Production in $ per Liter – Minimum Selling Price

Table: OPEX Production Costs of Sustainable Aviation Fuels from Various Pathways, including ATJ (Ethanol, n-Butanol, Iso-Butanol, Methanol), OTJ (Pyrolysis, CH, HRJ of Bio-Crude Oils), GTJ (FT, CTL, CBTL, Gas Fermentation) of Syngas to Hydrocarbons and Ethanol, STJ (Catalytic Conversion of Sugars via ARP and HMF Pathways) of Syngas to Ethanol, DMF and HMF, Fatty Acids and Farnesene – Intermediate Costs in $/Gallon and Final Jet Fuel Costs/OPEX in $/Gallon

Table: OPEX Cost of Biojet by Technology Pathways – HDO of Camelina, Gasification-FT (Corn Stover, Switch Grass, Algae), HDO and Advanced Fermentation (Pongamia, Sugarcane Molasses, Alga, Corn Grain, Switchgrass) and HDO (Wasted Oil, Tallow, Soybean Oil) – Prices in US $/Liter


Short Term Outlook – Where Will We Get the Feedstocks and The Fuels? Illustration of Harvest of Oilseeds by Continent, Estimated, in Million Tons – North America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia

Short Term Outlook: Current Production of Oilseed Crops, Total and Worldwide, 2018/19, Estimated in Million Tons, 2003-2019 by Feedstock Type (Palm, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Soybeans) for Total Global Oilseed Production

Mid Term Outlook – Food Production Increases With World Population, Supply of Grain and Vegetable Oils in 2018-19, Estimated by Continent in KG Per Capita, North America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania

Mid Term Outlook: Oilseed Harvests Growing Steadily, Harvests of Oilseeds by Continent, 2018-19, Estimated in Million Tons for North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceana


Short Term Outlook: Supply and Demand Imbalances Between Advanced Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel
Mandates for Low Carbon Markets in U.S. & E.U., Canada and Low Cost Suppliers / Exporters in Emerging Markets

Medium Term Outlook: Transition from 2020 Volumetric Targets to 2030 LCFS and COP21 GHG Targets Increases Market Demand for Several Lower-Carbon Fuels, Feedstocks, Process Technologies

Long Term Outlook: Commercialization of (1) Low Carbon Feedstocks and (2) Process Technologies Will Meet (3) Estimated Low-Carbon Renewable Diesel and Biojet Fuel Demands From 2030 to 2050






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