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Conference Update:
In October, 2017 Emerging Markets Online’s CEO will be attending ABLCNext, Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference in San Francisco, CA and will moderate a session on BioFrontiers including representatives from USDA, Manta Biofuels, NREL and Synvitrobio.

Drop-In Fuels update:
in May 2017, Emerging Markets Online gave a presentation titled Whats Next for Low Carbon Drop-In Fuels in the Short, Medium and Long Term? via Biofuels Digest’s March Madness series. Here is a preview of the presentation, including a few forecasts to be published in the forthcoming Drop-In Fuels 2020 study:

Renewable Diesel update:
In March 2017, Emerging Markets Online’s founder Will Thurmond gave a presentation titled What’s Next for Smaller-Scale Players in Renewable Diesel and Biojet? and chaired a panel on Next Generation Biofuels at the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. Here are a few slides from the presentation.

iojet and Aviation Fuels update:  
in February, 2017 Emerging Markets Online provided analysis and commentary on the Terratech radio show with a 2017 renewable fuels update and outlook in Stuff You Can Make From BioJet Fuel.

Bio-Based Plastics update:
in March 2017 Emerging Markets Online  delivered a presentation titled An Introduction to Emerging Market Opportunities in Bio-Based Plastics and Plant Bottles via webinar on the March Madness series by Biofuels Digest. Here is a summary and a slideshow from the presentation

In April 2017, Emerging Markets Online was featured Biofuels Digest’s The 11 Hottest Issues in the Biobased World, Your Picks, Top Experts, On-Demand 

Algae 2020 author provides a 2017 algae industry update and outlook on the TerraTech radio show New Foods: How To Make Them Faster, Better Cheaper. (Jan 2017)


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