Emerging Markets Online is a market research and development firm specializing in the advanced bioeconomy, bio-based project commercialization initiatives, and growing markets for low-carbon fuels.

Emerging Markets Online was founded in 1997. Will Thurmond, the founder and CEO of Emerging Markets Online, is an author, columnist, keynote speaker and session moderator at industry conferences, and has presented at 80+ conferences around the world. Mr. Thurmond is the author of Biodiesel 2020, Algae 2020, Drop-In Fuels 2020;  has contributed original articles, data, interviews cited in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, Biofuels Digest, Biofuels International, BusinessWeek, Renewable Energy World, and Futurist Magazine; Fox News Radio’s “Energy Week”; TerraTech radio, Biochannel TV, and has been featured in TV interviews with Reuters, Fox, CNN, BBC, and NPR’s MarketPlace. Mr Thurmond’s CV is available here.

For more information, contact info@emerging-markets.com