Consulting Examples for Clients in Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, and Utilities


  • Emerging Markets Online consulted an integrated national energy refining company on the practices of U.S. independent refinery operating companies. Performed a survey of independent refinery companies, detailing management practices, investment and purchasing activities, refinery manager roles and responsibilities, and downstream operations. Produced a report of recommendations for applying modern practices in independent refinery management and operations to an integrated national energy refining company in a developing economy.


  • Completed multiple assignments for a major U.S. renewable energy, gas, and  electric power producer. Activities include due diligence, competitor assessments, supplier surveys, and regulatory analysis.


  • Emerging Markets Online advised an M&A director at a top multinational renewable energy, gas and petroleum services company in the UK on how current LNG projects are structured and financed world-wide. This included an analysis of the mix of private finance, commercial finance, ECA and multilateral finance, and engineering finance in current projects. The assignment included a matrix of how current LNG projects are financed by participant and percentage. Emerging Markets Online also provided details of how key LNG projects were structured and financed in Egypt, Trinidad, Qatar, Oman, Baja Mexico, and Nigeria. Finally, we identified three major trends in the financing of LNG projects.


  • Supported a major law firm with an in-depth assessment of South Africa’s natural gas market. Produced a survey and a report of key players, existing operations, exploration activities, pipeline developments, major contracts, pricing mechanisms, and the outlook for downstream natural gas markets.


  • Produced a due diligence assessment on a major electric and natural gas company’s operations in Latin America for a prospective investor and strategic partner in a Fortune 100 energy company.


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