Advanced Biofuels, Feedstocks, and Bioeconomy Consulting Examples

  • Emerging Markets Online developed a business plan for a prospective San Francisco Bay based biodiesel tank storage facility and biodiesel production enterprise. This assignment focused on a supply chain analysis of site locations for tank storage terminals, potential customers for the operation, and potential feedstocks. The business plan also included strategic support for the California Governor’s biofuels initiative, infrastructure development plans, and site location requirements for tank storage and biofuels production. Emerging Markets Online delivered the business plan to the office of the governor of California in an effort to clear site location permits, and to encourage cooperation and investment from the state. EMO Consulting advised this private company on the development of its operations, feedstock acquisition and development strategies, and government initiatives.


  • Emerging Markets Online supported a Wisconsin-based biodiesel producer in writing a business plan for a brownfield expansion by tenfold from a 4 million gallon a year operation into a 40 million gallon a year operation. The assignment included reviewing market demand, consumption and production of biodiesel and diesel fuel in the US.  EMO Consulting also produced a series of forecasts and projections for biodiesel and diesel demand, consumption and prices to support the investment.  The biodiesel producer utilized the business plan and pricing forecasts to secure a second round of financing for a brownfield expansion.


  • Emerging Markets Online helped lead the city of Houston’s Biofuels Commercialization Task Force. Produced and lead monthly workshops bringing together stakeholders from industry, government and academia including advanced biofuels producers, feedstock developers, refineries, technology providers, engineers, research scientists, strategic investors, universities, research labs, and government officials. Developed a strategy and produced a roadmap to establish new advanced biofuels facilities, partnerships and production in Houston. Recruited advanced biofuels producers from around the world to engage in establishing, advancing, and deploying biorefineries for economic development and job creation in the greater Houston area. Worked with the Wind Task Force, the Solar Task Force, and MicroGrid Task Force reporting to the Greater Houston Partnership’s Energy Collaborative.


  • Emerging Markets Online provided business development and feedstock acquisition strategies for a prospective biodiesel operation in Texas. The assignment included evaluating the potential acquisition and merger of several yellow grease collection operations to supply a prospective biodiesel production operation. For this project, EMO Consulting produced a comprehensive assessment of yellow grease collection operations, markets, volumes, collectors, renderers, buyers, pricing, and supply-chain analyses in Houston, Dallas, Austin and El Paso.  This project also included an evaluation of acquiring assets and technologies for rendering restaurant-based yellow grease with high FFA and MIU content into ASTM quality biodiesel. Emerging Markets Online also provided a market demand survey of 12 major biodiesel producers in Texas as prospective customers and competitors for yellow grease as a biodiesel feedstock.


  • Emerging Markets Online ‘s CEO served as an energy advisor to start-up incubator The Houston Technology Center. Consulted start-up ventures and investors in alternative energy, biofuels, algae, cleantech, wind, solar, smart grids, oil and gas technologies. Named among Forbes’ Top 10 “incubators changing the world” The Houston Technology Center provides education, insight, and access to capital that entrepreneurs need to move towards the path to commercialization.


  • Emerging Markets Online consulted a national oil company in Southeast Asia on the potential demand for developing biodiesel operations from various feed stocks in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. For this assignment, EMO Consulting produced a review of market prices and demand drivers for biodiesel feed stocks including key time-series data and analysis of traditional and emerging feedstock supplies in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. This assignment included price forecasts and demand drivers for biodiesel in Europe, Americas and Asia to 2020.

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