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Emerging Markets Online

Founded in 1997, Emerging Markets Online is a leading strategy consulting and market research firm focused on advanced biofuels, algae and alternative fuels business development. Emerging Markets Online provides clients with results-driven consulting services and feasibility studies for project development and technology commercialization.

2016 News:
Join us at the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference 2016 in Washington, DC  February 17-19 2016 at Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC where Emerging Markets Online President William Thurmond will provide commentary and analysis on the Biochannel TV network

nagement Consulting Services

When you are preparing a business plan, seeking finance or strategic partners for a start-up venture, working on due diligence for a prospective investment, or applying for an economic development grant in research and development, Emerging Markets Consulting Services can help.

For more information, or an initial consultation, please contact us with a message including an overview of your prospective areas of interest via email or call +1 713 429 4905.

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Market Research Studies

Market research studies provide strategic business intelligence focused on project development and technology commercialization in advanced biofuels, algae and alternative fuels .

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Algae 2020 Vol 2: Fuel, Feed, Food, Fiber and Biochems

The Algae 2020 study is a fact-filled guide designed for investors, producers, entrepreneurs, governments, researchers, consultants and executives.  Algae 2020 provides a comprehensive roadmap for the commercialization of biofuels, drop-in fuels, biochems and biomass markets based on site visits with more than 40 organizations.

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Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey

Biodiesel 2020, second edition tracks the U.S. and global markets for biodiesel growth, details major feedstock trends, and provides analysis of biodiesel consumption and production trends. Europe, China, India and Brazil are also covered as case studies. Proprietary forecasts developed for this study are also used to produce 2020 "Scenarios" for the U.S., Europe, China, India and Brazil.


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