Emerging Markets Online is an independent market research firm focused on market trends and opportunities in biodiesel, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels, low carbon fuels, integrated biorefining, and feedstock business development industries.

Market Research and Advisory Services

Our consulting group can help you find the strategic market data, information, competitive intelligence, market sizing, market forecasts, and project finance details you request.

Consulting Services:

Our consulting group works with renewable diesel, biodiesel, sustainable aviation producers,  energy, feedstock and nutrition companies. 

For example, we help biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) developers find feedstock volume and pricing information, locate strategic partners and suppliers, examine offtake opportunities, develop business plans, conduct feasibility studies, and explore new markets for low-carbon fuels. 

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Here is a summary of some of the assignments we have completed for our consulting clients.



Coming Soon:

Renewable Diesel  & Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) 2030: Projects, Technologies, Feedstocks and Forecasts
(available 2nd Q 2021)

As a follow up to our 2019/2020 original editions of Renewable Diesel 2030 study,  Emerging Markets Online’s new study, Renewable Diesel & Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) 2030  updates the first studies and focuses more broadly on feedstock availability, technologies employed in small and extra-large sized RD refineries; future options for using non-FOG based feedstocks from low-carbon low-cost waste sources (from trees, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, food waste, farm waste); and advanced technologies for turning bio-crude, and syncrude into renewable diesel and SAF (sustainable aviation) fuels.

For the Renewable Diesel & Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) 2030 study, Emerging Markets Online has identified  24 projects in the Americas,  14 projects in Europe, and 11 projects in Asia that are in various stages of production, under construction, or in the planning phases. There are several dozen projects producing or planning on deploying a wide array of technologies and feedstocks to accommodate for rapid growth in the global renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels markets. 

For more information, or a preview presentation of the RD & SAF 2030 study (by appointment), contact info@emerging-markets.com or call 713 429 4905 (Houston, TX).

Market Research Studies 


The fact-filled Renewable Diesel 2030 study provides 240 pages of detailed case studies of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) producers, and provides a forward looking set of forecasts for markets, feedstocks, technologies for the deployment of renewable diesel & SAF from the year 2019 to 2030. 

Renewable Diesel 2030 reviews production initiatives for renewable diesel and aviation biofuel in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Renewable Diesel 2030 tracks the increasing expansion of Europe’s production and adoption of HVO diesel markets, Canada’s CFS markets, and examines the ;impressive rise in California’s LCFS markets in great detail



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For more information, visit the Renewable Diesel 2020 summary, table of contents, and table of figures pages, which includes order details.

The Renewable Diesel 2030 study has 240 fact-filled pages of content, presented in slide deck format.   

Pricing Details 

1. a Single User License (1 person exclusively) for $2950 USD, and is also available as

2. a Multiple User License (available to full time employees of the same organization) for $4950 USD

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To order Renewable Diesel 2030, email info@emerging-markets.com or call 713 429 4905 (Houston) now