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Emerging Markets Online

Emerging Markets Online provides customized market research and consulting services to the low carbon fuels, advanced bioenergy and algae industries. For more information on our consulting services or an initial consultation, contact us at Email: info@emerging-markets.com or Tel: +1 713 429 4905 (Houston).

Market Research Studies

Market research studies provide detailed information on feedstocks, markets, technologies, producers, projects and strategic partnerships in low carbon fuels, advanced biorefining, biodiesel, algae, advanced nutrition and alternative fuels. 

Coming in 2Q 2017
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Drop In Fuels 2020: A Global Survey of Emerging Markets, Feedstocks, Producers & Forecasts

The Drop-In Fuels 2020 study reviews rapid global growth in low-carbon fuel markets for renewable diesel and biojet production and provides a forward looking set of forecasts for renewable diesel, biocrude, biojet, alcohol-to-jet and cellulosic diesel markets.


What's New?

Drop-In Fuels Trends And Outlook: in April, 2017, Emerging Markets Online gave a presentation titled Whats Next for Low Carbon Drop-In Fuels in the Short, Medium and Long Term? via Biofuels Digest's March Madness series. The following slideshow illustrates emerging drop-in fuels trends, and includes a few key forecasts to be published this June.


Advanced Biofuels, Bioplastics, Algae and Nutrition

We are also looking at emerging opportunities in the bio-based plastics and materials markets. For an introduction please see the following Intro to Emerging Market Opportunities in Bio-Based Plastics and Plant Bottles

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